My name is Monique Bonnema.
Professional photographer since 2016.
My photography focuses on people.

As a wedding photographer I provide an intimate, atmospheric report of your wedding day.

And as a lifestyle photographer I focus on portraying people, young and old, in a casual way.


Do you also have your phone full of nice photos?


Do you recognize that too? You have a good resolution to make a beautiful photo book of your growing children every year, or to print photos. But you just never get around to sorting through all the photos, you still have to finish that vacation book, get your photos printed, and there's still nothing pretty hanging on the wall. But you just don't know where to start!

You just miss that one beautiful photo of your entire family, which you are completely in love with.

I can help you!


About me


HELLO! I'm Monique! 


Mother, PHOTOGRAPHER, Professional, FUN, trustable, ENTHOUSIASTIC, Positive, a lot of experience, high service, FRIENDLY, social, CREATIVE, pay attention to details, QUALITY and accessible.


Just some keywords that people use to describe ME!  

I would love to make these beautiful and precious memories for you! It might sound cliché… Time flies! Before we know another year is over again. We can't stop the time, but with pictures we can freeze the time. I love pictures! For me it is a way to go back in time and relive the nice moments, it's priceless! 

For 14 years I have lived in the beautiful seaside resort of Domburg together with my son Daan, now 12 years. Until I accidentally (as if it should have been) met the love of my life in my birthplace Leeuwarden. You can already feel it coming, I have now left beautiful Zeeland to live together in beautiful Friesland, Leeuwarden. Back to my roots, family and friends.

My son still goes to his father in Domburg for a weekend once every 2 weeks, so that I also have the opportunity to photograph in Zeeland during the weekends. I am very happy about this, my passion for photography started here. This way I can still regularly be in the beautiful nature, beach, dunes and forest for taking family photos and weddings.

When I photograph I am the best version of myself and I can use all my creativity. All my life I have been creative. As a child I already loved drawing, painting, crafts, clay and so on. I even sold sculptures and paintings to retailers in my own studio for a number of years.

In my photography i love to capture the "real" emotions!

From real moments to real memories: UNFORGETABLE and PRICELESS!

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Let's talk!

I'd love it if you would "Say hello". Do you have any questions, concerns or stories to share with me? Please contact me, don't wait! Just submit your inquiry and i will contact you as soon as possible!

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Let me help you! 

Which beautiful memories can i capture for you?

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