Do you recognize that? That your photos are on your computer, with the thoughts “someday I will do something with them”. Nine times out of ten this probably doesn't happen because of the hustle and bustle of a family and that is a real waste of your beautiful report. That's why I made a selection of the most beautiful for you at various professional suppliers  handmade photo products. What makes it even more unique is that the products cannot be ordered by ordinary consumers. In short, you can contact me for your own collection of your photo session.




The report is ready and you will receive the link to your online gallery, Jeeeh! Now you can start selecting the photos you would like to see in the album. This is very easy by clicking on the heart under the photo. I have now received your favorites and can start making your album. You will receive the set-up of the album digitally and you can browse through it. You can now approve the album or pass on changes to me. If the album is completely to your liking, then the waiting has begun.


Why an album?


Honestly!? How many photos are on your phone or computer that you never look back at?

A lot for me anyway. I never look back on private photos on the computer. Very occasionally, when I want to post something on social media. Photos on my phone a little more often, but those too quickly fade into oblivion as they get further down the line.

That while I regularly leaf through the photo albums that I have in my closet and look at the photos that I have on the wall.



Often photos are quickly viewed on a computer. On the phone, viewing is much faster and the image is also much smaller. Because much more time is taken to leaf through a photo album, you also see much more details.



The more time passes, the more important an album becomes… Time machines don't exist, but photo albums do give you a look back in time. Photo albums show simple things: like the fashion of that time, or the places you've been, but also the people you interacted with, who are or were important to you and the emotions you experienced at that moment.



Fade away. Photo albums help to portray memories.

When photos and photo albums become even more important is when a loved one falls away. You don't want it and don't wish it on anyone, but it happens. How nice is it to be able to retrieve memories of that person by "just" grabbing the photos.



It is still often forgotten to make a good backup of computers. Or things just stay on a phone and then suddenly something happens that makes you lose everything.

Did you book me? Don't stress, chances are I still have your photos. But you've lost everything else.

You lose a photo album much less quickly. Sure, there is always a risk of fire. While I have no factual evidence, I would venture to say that more photos are lost to computer crashes than photo albums to fire.


I've mentioned it before, but personally I think this deserves its own headline. Photo albums give generations to come a glimpse into your life. I love seeing my grandparents' childhood photos. 

Did you know that: I always show albums during introductory meetings? This way you immediately have an idea of what to expect. Curious about the demo albums?  come  feel free to drop by!

Generations of fun!

How are the albums made?

Monique Bonnema Photography works with a Greek album supplier. Here they make the most beautiful handmade albums of very high quality. After ordering, take into account a delivery time of approximately 4 to 6 weeks. This seems very long, especially when you are so curious about the result. But it's really worth the wait!

See below in the video how the albums are made at my supplier in Greece.

 luxury wedding albums


Having a wedding album made is a perfect solution for storing your wedding photos. You had a fantastic wedding day and the photos reflect your day at least as well. You want to reminisce about that for at least 50 years, right?! At Monique Bonnema Photography you get the opportunity to have a wedding album made with every package! A professionally formatted wedding album is a great keepsake and will last for years to come.

Can you already imagine how you can still admire your dress and the cake etc years after your wedding date by seeing the photos in this beautiful wedding album? what a cool wedding album entails.


I like a nice fresh layout. No unnecessary hassle, just beautiful stylish pages. You supply a selection of photos for the album yourself so that you can be sure that the most important photos of your most beautiful day will be included in the album. You will receive a digital preview of the album, which you can browse together at home and make adjustments if necessary. This way the album will be exactly the way you want it! Of course you can also increase the number of photos in your album so that you can enjoy your wedding day even more. After you receive a nice presentation from me with the content of the album, you choose the color and design of the cover. I will of course make sure that the wedding album gets the high quality it deserves.

The bridal packages include various album formats. You can always upgrade an album to a larger format. There is also the possibility to order parent albums, which are the duplicate of your wedding album.


- Laser or engrave names on the cover

- Choice of material; linen, leather or wood

- Beautiful storage box

- Flat-lay (completely flat pages without bulging)


Would you like to choose the photos that will be included in your wedding album? Be sure that all photos that you find important are among them. Through a modern digital gallery you can mark the photos with a heart as your favorite. Can you really not choose yourself?
Then you can also leave it to me to choose the photos!


Some couples show 30 photos showing the most important details of their wedding. Other couples need at least 150 photos for that. Think you can't choose? Then go for the last option and choose multiple photos for an event. The less good you can choose and the more photos you need, the thicker the album will be. I would like to help you!


Monique Bonnema Photography has many types and sizes of albums available. Are you going for a hip colorful album with fun effects or do you opt for a traditional wedding album? Make an appointment quickly to see what I can do for you!

 Harmonica booklet


They are extremely popular, the handmade harmonica books!

A nice memento of your photo shoot. For yourself, but also ideal to give as a gift. For the ladies, they are easy to carry in a bag, but they also look great on a cupboard when unfolded.

Available in format 15x15cm. The front is available in wood, linen & jute and in different colours. All booklets contain 8 photos that can be selected in the online photo gallery.



Do you want to receive your most beautiful photos on a USB stick? This is possible at an additional cost of € 19. You will receive a wooden USB stick in a beautiful wooden storage box or a glass bottle with cork,  so your photos are kept safe!

hartje usb.jpg
USB flesje.png


Gift voucher  

Always nice to receive or to give. Surprise someone with a gift voucher for a professional photo shoot! In a beautiful gift envelope (handmade), original and ready to give. The voucher is suitable for all kinds of occasions; for a photo shoot with family or friends or for a pregnancy, a birthday, wedding, Mother's or Father's Day, a marriage, anniversary, as an original maternity gift for new parents after the birth or for a photo session with your best friends. You can determine the amount yourself.

The voucher is also well received during holidays such as Sinterklaas, Christmas and Valentine's Day! You already give it to me

from € 10  

CADEAUBON 2016 ter waarde van.jpg